About BlackHorse

BlackHorse Solutions is empowering our customers to solve the most challenging mission requirements by leveraging and fusing together deep expertise in cyber, electronic warfare and attack, virtual operations, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Our Story

In 2018, BlackHorse Solutions was established out of a small business, innovative background to create a company focused on delivering premier technology and tradecraft solutions for the information environment at scale.

The world around us has entered into an era of unprecedented digital transformation that is challenging the way people and organizations combat today’s predominant issues. Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new and unique types of publicly available information (PAI) are constantly created and updated in real-time. This readily available data gives illicit actors more access vectors and leaves organizations with the burden of synthesizing large volumes of dynamic information to protect their digital assets across the information environment.

Today, BlackHorse Solutions has evolved into a company that leverages these changes into new opportunities. We enable information environment dominance with solutions that are based on decades of experience delivering advanced technologies and best-of-breed digital tradecraft, supported by our shared values.  We’ve had the opportunity to provide solutions to nearly every Intelligence Community and Defense Department organization which remains our focus, while also supporting customers in the commercial, other federal, state and local markets.  Our vision is to secure the Nation by defending, operating and exploiting the information environment for our customers.  We are shaping the Future of Information Dominance by always seeking to help our customers solve current challenges but also to answer the question of “what’s next.”

Quick Facts:

  • World headquarters in Herndon, VA
  • Office locations in Denver, CO, Fayetteville, NC, Tampa, FL, Baltimore, MD and the UK
  • Customers include Federal, State, Local, Commercial and International organizations
  • Private equity backed by two industry leaders, Razor's Edge and Ten Eleven

Our Vision

To secure the nation by defending, operating within and exploiting the information environment for our customers.

Our Mission

We deliver Information Superiority through our shared values, advanced technology, and digital tradecraft. With the fusion of AI/ML, CNO, EMSO, and Readiness we empower our customers to solve their most challenging mission requirements.

Our Values


Create value for BlackHorse by delivering value to our long term mission partners and customers


Be transparent, question actions inconsistent with our values and always do the right thing


Be open-minded in search of great ideas and redefine issues to discover new solutions to hard problems


Be a consistent and reliable member of the team and deliver excellence in everything we do


Learn rapidly and eagerly, make tough decisions without agonizing, and focus on delivering results


Treat peers, customers, partners & competitors with respect

Social Impact

Create a positive impact in our society and communities through philanthropy and volunteerism