Corporate Responsibility

BlackHorse understands there is a corporate responsibility to give back to our community and the environment. We serve the people and organizations that help make our country and local communities safer, better, and more inspired.


We give to organizations that support those who have fought to make our country safer like our veterans, service members, and their families. We also participate in sponsorship opportunities to help the families of fallen CIA officers and Border Patrol agents in honor of the sacrifices they have made to protect our country.


We care deeply about our country and the local community in Northern Virginia, where we have chosen to establish our corporate headquarters. We give to organizations that do great work to end racial and economic injustice and protect basic human rights for our fellow citizens, as well as local organizations that work to create better outcomes for children and pets within our Northern Virginia community.

More Inspired

Finally, we leverage our talented workforce to inspire creativity and innovation in the next generation of Tech and Cyber talent by volunteering at STEM related camps and events. We care about the communities in which our offices reside and want to make sure they are places where great ideas can continue to develop through future generations.