What We Do

BlackHorse Solutions, Inc. is empowering our customers to solve the most challenging mission requirements by leveraging and fusing together deep expertise in cyber, electronic warfare, virtual operations, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  We enable information environment dominance with solutions that are based on decades of experience delivering advanced technologies and best-of-breed digital tradecraft, supported by our shared values. Our team will ensure you and your organization are prepared for the information challenges of today and tomorrow.

Radio Spectrum Exploitation

Our Electronic Warfare products and solutions provide detection, identification, exploitation and defeat of today's most complicated wireless signals. We fuse real-time cognitive signal processing, advanced defeat protocols, and machine learning techniques to provide autonomous non-kinetic defeat capabilities to the war fighter. Our team has extensive experience and technical expertise in core related areas:​

  • Development of EW/EA hardware and software systems (to include ​our TReX and Galileo products)
  • Automated spectrum sensing and signal analysis and classification techniques​
  • Emitter detection, exploitation, and defeat methodologies​
  • Advanced machine learning, AI, and signal processing techniques​

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Tailored Cyber Solutions

Our cyber researchers and engineers deploy quick reaction capability (QRC) efforts and tools, architect and integrate frameworks and capabilities, and perform vulnerability research to exploit and attack a wide range of platforms.

  • Operations Experience - We provide innovative approaches to traditional mission requirements through our team's multi-domain background and real-world operations experience.
  • End-to-End Solutions - Our team provides tailored end-to-end solutions: from access to command and control integration, we ensure that the solution provides value to your mission.
  • Cyber Innovation Lab - Our lab has been built to allow us to simulate real-world threat environments and explore new opportunities in IoT and automation.

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Advanced Technical Readiness Solutions

Our technical operations solutions encompass a suite of holistic training, Subject Matter Expertise, and analytic solutions delivering commercial best practices to understand and exploit the information environment with advanced and safe techniques. Our innovative instruction, state-of-the-art methodologies, use of next generation technologies, and multi-INT data fusion capabilities enable faster exploitation, analysis, visualization, and decision making.

  • Publicly Available Information and Threat Intelligence Solutions
  • Digital Attribution Management
  • Secure Communications
  • Digital Security and Signature Reduction
  • Immersive Readiness Programs - AD², CASO™ and Commercial Signature Reduction

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Scalable and Modular Virtual Solutions

Our virtual solutions combine technology and tradecraft to provide global end-to-end solutions that allow your organization to securely get and stay online. Our innovative programs, methodologies and technologies manage digital signatures to allow you to securely navigate the information environment. We are able to adapt to evolving technologies and techniques for our customers, by creating modular solutions that scale with their needs and help them fundamentally change the way they work in the information environment.

  • Digital identity management, assessment, tools and training
  • Blue and Red Teams to validate, verify, and assess commercial and customer technology
  • Customer-specific secure communications solutions
  • Secure and scalable managed attribution solutions to protect your online digital footprint

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Exploring Next Generation Information Security

We leverage the power of cryptography to develop products and systems that offer new capabilities and increased security. Our highly specialized team harnesses mathematical expertise to develop algorithms, protocols and real world applications using next generation technologies and techniques.

  • Quantum-Safe Cryptography - secures communications against attacks by future quantum computers
  • Public Key Infrastructure - manages the lifecycle of digital certificates and public key encryption
  • Crypto-Agillity - facilitates upgrades and incorporates unanticipated functionality in an ever-evolving world
  • Privacy-Preserving Computing - protects data during computation

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Our Products

We also invest in creating products that address a wide range of mission requirements and needs that can be purchased off the shelf or with some level of customizations.

Electronic Warfare
  • TReX - a better way to experiment, train, and plan next generation SIGINT & EW operations.
  • Galileo - Galileo is a software solution that performs unsupervised Machine Learning to target adversary frequency-hopping tactical radios, isolate frequencies and hop patterns, and perform automatic predictive EW response.

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Training & Readiness
  • Advanced Digital Discovery (AD²) - Virtual interactive distance learning course featuring proven digital research methodologies from CASO™ and a program of instruction focused on applying effective research methodologies in a 1-week online format.
  • CASO™ Programs - CASO™ readiness programs provide commercial best practices to understand and exploit publicly available information (PAI) using advanced and safe research techniques for actionable insights and decision making.
  • Commercial Signature Reduction (CSR) Training - Our CSR training focuses on delivering Digital Data Protection techniques for operating safely on the Internet.

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Our Customers Include

Careers at BlackHorse

We seek the industry's best people to provide disruptive, technology-driven solutions to our customers. We are currently hiring for Engineers, Software Developers, and Subject Matter Experts. Our organizational culture is innovative, entrepreneurial, team oriented, fun, professional and growth driven.

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