New Distance Learning Courses

July 20, 2020 - 3 min read

By BlackHorse Solutions - Technical Operations Group (TOG)

BlackHorse Solutions, Inc.'s Technical Operations Group (TOG) is pleased to add two new distance learning courses to our growing virtual offerings: Safe Traveler and Dark Web Seminar. Our proven training and readiness programs provide best-in-class instruction to understand and exploit publicly available information (PAI) using advanced and safe research techniques for actionable insights and decision making. More information about each course and upcoming course dates are provided below.

Safe Traveler™

Safe Traveler™ is an online lecture series focused on delivering best practices for travelers, Military members, and executives on business who are at risk of becoming soft targets for cybercriminals. Safe Traveler™ training modules teach students to take proactive steps against adversarial threats by learning how to secure personal devices across physical, digital, and network data environments.

Download our info sheet to learn more about Safe Traveler™.

Safe Traveler™ Course Details:

Dark Web Seminar

Our 1-day Dark Web Seminar is designed to provide a foundational and advanced understanding of the hidden areas of the internet and digital identity on the dark web. Attendees will work through downloading Tor to conduct research and navigate the dark web.

Download our info sheet to learn more about the Dark Web Seminar.

Dark Web Seminar Details:

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