Quantum-Safe Cryptography

We leverage the power of cryptography for developing secure products and systems that offer new capabilities and increased security. Our highly specialized team harnesses mathematical expertise to develop algorithms, design protocols and implement real-world applications.

Our Areas of Research:

Our advanced cryptography and quantum experts are currently conducting research in the following areas to develop practical applications for next generation information security.

Quantum-Safe Cryptography

The future of cryptographic security is at risk as quantum computing becomes a reality. It is essential to migrate to quantum-safe algorithms and integrate such solutions into existing protocols. Yet, it will be a time-consuming and complicated effort. We are preparing organizations today to transition from current classical public key cryptography to quantum-safe solutions. This will enable entities to preserve the confidentiality of keys exchanged which are used for symmetric encryption, the security, and authenticity of digital signatures, and the security of encryption.

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Public Key Infrastructure

Our cryptographic math and engineering team has extensive familiarity with the proposed NIST quantum resistant candidates coupled with a broad knowledge of building PKI solutions. We are focused on practical engineering solutions that include support for quantum resistant cryptography. As large-scale quantum computers emerge, classical public cryptography will be vulnerable. It is vital to transition to quantum-resistant cryptography as soon as possible.


We are reinventing the future of cybersecurity by developing products that will increase security. Crypto-agility is the ability to quickly switch to an alternative cryptographic primitive without significant changes to the infrastructure. This concept has been widely embraced among experts and has been endorsed by NIST as the first defense against the quantum threat. Crypto-agility requires coordination from a team of security experts, system designers and application developers. Crypto-agility is the best way to prepare for future cryptographic vulnerabilities.

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Privacy-Preserving Computation

With extensive algorithmic breakthroughs, the theory of computing on encrypted data is now practical. We work across private machine learning, including leveraging significant advances in secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, differential privacy, federated learning, and secure enclaves to achieve stronger security models, faster runtime, or improved generalization performance.

  • Privacy-preserving computation
  • Searchable encryption
  • Range queries over encrypted data
  • Machine learning on encrypted data