Our Solutions - Securing Your Future

We provide solutions to proactively combat the cyber challenges posed by the new industrial revolution.

Full Spectrum Cyber

We develop mission enablement solutions, architect and integrate frameworks, and perform vulnerability research on a wide range of platforms that include embedded systems, military platforms, IoT and mobile devices, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

Advanced Cryptography

We leverage the power of cryptography for developing secure products and systems that offer new capabilities and increased security. Our highly specialized team harnesses mathematical expertise to develop algorithms, design protocols and implement real-world applications.

Data Insights

We uncover meaningful insights from raw data so you can make informed decisions. Our team specializes in deep data analytics for active cyber defense. Our Digital Overwatch service provides discovery and analysis of data focused on a specific location or topic with real-time notifications as new insights are developed. Our Data Insights are driven by core capabilities in:

Technology Development

We understand the complexities and challenges that hinder your ability to discern and navigate today’s digital and physical domains. Close industry collaboration and continual internal investment allows us to develop complementary technologies to existing products offered by our partners. Coupled with our training acumen, we are also end users of the technology. This enables us to provide both custom, off-the-shelf, or partner hardware and software solutions for specialized communication, forensics, and situational awareness across various platforms.

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