Our Solutions

We create and deliver advanced technology and tradecraft solutions for your most challenging problems in the information environment.

Full Spectrum Cyber

Our researchers and engineers solve the toughest cyber challenges with a layered approach, starting with defend forward by incorporating offensive measures to eliminate threats before they arise, layering on defensive measures to block intrusions, and building cyber resilience to decrease the attack surface.

Advanced Cryptography

We leverage the power of cryptography for developing secure products and systems that offer new capabilities and increased security. Our highly specialized team harnesses mathematical expertise to develop algorithms, design protocols and implement real-world applications.

Mission Solutions

Our mission-enabling technologies and tradecraft provide end-to-end solutions that allow your organization to operate in a complex information environment. Our innovative instruction, state-of-the-art methodologies, use of next generation technologies, and multi-INT data fusion capabilities enable faster exploitation, analysis, visualization, and decision making.

Radio Spectrum Exploitation

Our radio spectrum exploitation solutions provide detection, identification, exploitation and defeat of today's most complicated wireless signals, from Peer-State weapons systems to Commercial modems. By fusing real-time cognitive signal processing with advanced defeat protocols, BlackHorse provides autonomous non-kinetic defeat capabilities to the war fighter. By employing unsupervised machine learning techniques we expand that capability to include an ability to defeat zero-day threats without relying on static libraries.

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