CASO training solutions provide commercial best practices to understand and exploit publicly available information (PAI) using advanced and safe research techniques. CASOTM and CASO Specialty courses equip your teams with the necessary skills and tools to understand the digital environment and stay a step ahead of those trying to cause harm to your people, reputation, and assets. Students learn to discover and analyze open-source and publicly available data and metadata to provide actionable insights for more effective decision making.


Our CASO training programs have been iteratively developed over the last 5 years with a road map ahead of future requirements. Our range of programs include half-day engagements to our well-known 2-week certification course through which you will learn a framework for conducting research and analysis. Leave with the ability to safely operate on the Internet and produce actionable insights in support of organizational requirements.

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Example CASO Specialty Course Options

CASO Specialty Dark Web Immersion - Learn to conduct research on the dark web using a variety of tools and methods to maintain safety and anonymity. You will leave with an understanding of dark web tradecraft which can be used to uncover risks to you, your organization, or assets.

CASO Specialty Workflow & Product Integration - Trains advanced digital researchers to strategically target big data sets and extract time-sensitive digital artifacts for analytical products. Leave with the skills and tools to excel in fast-paced operational environments.

Advanced Commercial Signature Reduction - bespoke signature reduction programs.

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CASO Differentiators

Additional Training Programs:

BlackHorse offers Commercial Signature Reduction (CSR), Digital Signature Training (DST) and additional training programs that are customized for your organizational requirements.

  • Responsive training programs and curriculum that evolve with technology
  • Bespoke and white-glove delivery
  • Mobile training teams for instruction anywhere around the world
  • Fully immersive and hands-on experience
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Commercial Signature Reduction (CSR)

Our CSR training focuses on delivering Digital Data Protection techniques for operating safely on the Internet. CSR training programs are designed to meet requirements for Electronic Security (ES), Signature Reduction (SIGREDUX), Digital Identity Management (D-IDM), and Digital Operational Preparation of the Environment (D-OPE). The curriculum is uniquely designed and taught by members of our team to provide students with cutting edge best practices that have proven success in facilitating creative problem solving, reducing digital exposure, and honing SIGREDUX skills to protect your public digital footprint.

Training Packages

We offer a variety of bundled options that enable you to get the most value out of our training.

Digital Signature Training - A combination of both CASO and CSR — delivered in a 3-week certification program — for analysts that want to conduct advanced, safe, passive-to-active online research activities.

Combined Package - CASO and CSR certification training plus an additional week of CASO Specialty for senior leader engagements or continued implementation and training in an area of focus for your organization's needs.

Australia Customers - Government customers in Australia can now easily procure our services via Digital Marketplace.

The BlackHorse Solutions Difference

We deliver our training solutions in digital immersive environments and utilize hands-on practical scenarios to develop skills and outcomes. Our training programs are driven by your organization's requirements and have been iteratively developed over years of lessons learned from 2,500+ students. Our training programs are taught by expert instructors with over 200 years of combined experience in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and private sector. We have supported and are providing training solutions to Fortune 100 companies, universities, Special Operations Units within the Department of Defense (DoD), Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Community organizations.

Thinking Person's Digital Course

Students learn to think about security and cyber tradecraft through modeling and practical application as opposed to following a checklist of tasks.

Tool Agnostic

No dependence on a given application, hardware, or software. Students will be taught how to evaluate tools for themselves — not just use what we tell them to use.

No Fluff

Our classes don't contain long-winded history lessons. They are designed to teach actionable tools, techniques, and procedures to establish cyber resilience.